Training is a vital part of any alcohol and drug testing program. If you are conducting testing within your workplace, it is important that your employees understand their requirements for the relevant standards and how to use testing equipment correctly. Our training programs are developed for ease of implementation via online courses.


HH3, HH4 and LE5 Certified Operator Online Training



This training package gives you a certificate of competency in the operation of a HH3, HH4 or LE5 Alcohol Tester and is delivered online.


  • How a breath tests works.

  • Introduction to HH3/HH4/LE5 Breathalysers and understanding of their general features.

  • How to conduct a Standard and Passive test.

  • Advance settings and Model Variants.

  • Understanding the Technology

  • Accessing the test results and data download with AlcoCONNECT Toolbox

  • How to maintain your Breathalyser

  • Test Questions


Certified Specimen Screening Officer



In accordance with OH&S requirements all drug & alcohol testing officers are required to hold a Statement of Attainment in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework under the definition of ‘Collector’ in the relevant Australian Standards. This is a nationally recognised training course designed to be completed by every employee who will perform drug testing in your workplace. The course is conducted online and participants are given 30 days to complete. 
The learning program is designed to ensure correct procedures are followed when performing onsite drug tests & alcohol breath tests and preparing & packaging a drug or alcohol test specimen for laboratory testing.


  • Drug types and their effects.

  • Review of Australian Standards.

  • Drug testing methods.

  • Arranging a drug test.

  • Drug testing equipment types – urine drug test cups & saliva drug tests.

  • Confirmatory testing at the laboratory.

  • Chain-of-custody requirements.

  • Drug Test integrity.

  • Conducting a urine drug test.

  • Conducting and oral fluid drug test.

  • Breathalyser basics.

  • Conducting and recording a breath alcohol test.

Reasonable Suspicion Online Training



Employers have a duty of care to maintain a safe working environment, and our Reasonable Suspicion Testing Training Course details the responsibilities for managers and supervisors who may be required to identify employees that may pose a risk to themselves and fellow work mates due to the effects of drugs or alcohol.
This training package gives you a certificate of completion in Reasonable Suspicion Testing and is delivered online.


  • What is Reasonable Suspicion Testing.

  • What constitutes Reasonable Suspicion.

  • The Supervisor’s role in Reasonable Suspicion Testing.

  • Behavioural changes.

  • Understanding alcohol as a drug, the effects, signs and symptoms.

  • Understanding drugs, the effects, signs and symptoms.

  • Fitness for Work – Observable Indicators of Impairment.

Wall Mount 4 Certified Operator Online Training



This training package gives you a Certificate of Competency in the operation and management of a Wall Mount 4 and is delivered online.


  • Introduction to the Wall Mount 4 and how to conduct a test.

  • Installation, maintenance, and cleaning.

  • Advanced Settings and Model types.

  • Accessing the user menu and settings features.

  • Accessing, exporting, and clearing logs.

  • Email, communication, and network setup.

  • AlcoCARE service plan.

  • Test questions.

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Awareness Online Course



This course outlines the issues, risks and impacts of drug and alcohol use in the workplace and helps to educate students on what such behaviour means to them, their colleagues and their employer.
By completing this course the student will gain a better understanding of how drugs and alcohol can affect their work performance, put their colleagues in danger and increase risks for their employer.
Unacceptable behaviour resulting from use of alcohol and drugs in the workplace is highlighted and implications for all involved explained.
A certification of completion is provided upon completion of the course and a short questionnaire.


  • How drugs and alcohol can affect work performance

  • Risks and dangers associated with alcohol and drug use in the workplace

  • Unacceptable behaviour from drug and alcohol use in the workplace

Tailored Training Packages

All Clear Solutions can tailor a training package to suit your needs by combining a selection of online training packages supplemented with face-to-face training delivery if required.

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