Alcohol and Drug Testing is an integral part of any business

At All Clear Solutions we understand that every business strives to have an alcohol and drug free workplace. When it comes to a testing regime we believe that one size does not fit all. That's why we are passionate about working with our clients to determine the best solution to improve safety and minimise risk. 

Do you conduct your testing in house or outsource to a service provider?

We pride ourselves in being able to provide a one stop shop for you testing requirements. Providing the latest in alcohol testing products, training and resources to conduct your own testing in house or All Clear Solutions managed external testing program, our Drug and Alcohol testing testing technicians will attend your site to carry out testing on your behalf.

Do you have multiple sites and need to have live vision into your testing?

We offer a cloud based data management system that connects hardware with software to ensure that you have clear vision into your workplace testing.

Are you using certified testing equipment?

With the release of the new Australia Standards for Alcohol Breath Testing devices - AS3547:2019. It's important to check to see whether your devices meet the requirements.

Do you have challenges with calibration down time?

Devices like the LE5 Alcohol Tester, Druglizer LE5 Drug Tester and the Centurion wall mount tester do not require a back to base service with the modular system for calibration.

 We help companies around Australia implement effective testing processes they can trust every single day!

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All Clear Solutions offer certified and reliable Alcohol Breath Testing devices for all workplace, law enforcement and personal applications.​

  • Personal Alcohol Testers

  • Industrial grade Alcohol Testers

  • Law Enforcement grade Alcohol Testers

  • Wall Mounted Alcohol Testers 


Whether you require oral fluid (Saliva) testing drug testing or urine - All Clear Solutions has the latest in drug testing technology to provide fast, accurate and reliable drug testing solutions.  



All Clear Solutions offers alcohol and drug test training programs that are tailored to your organisations specific needs.

- Nationally accredited course HLTPAT005

- Certified operator course for all devices

- Reasonable suspicion training

- Workplace awareness course 


Want to outsource your testing program? All Clear Solutions can have our specialist testing technicians attend your site to conduct drug + alcohol testing on your behalf.

  • Scheduled testing

  • Post-incident testing

  • Random testing

  • Blanket testing

  • Laboratory confirmation testing 

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  • Drug and Alcohol test data at your fingertips

  • Multi-factor security for maximum data integrity

  • Dashboards with real-time data analysis

  • Email notifications for any positive results across your business 

  • Monitor compliance in daily testing programs

  • Identify risk areas with drill-down capability

  • Export data for reporting


Drug and alcohol test data management 

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